Monday, May 6, 2013

Easter 2013

Little Jett is quickly growing into Big Boy Jett

 Well April first came and we decided it was time for Jett to get his big boy bed.  He was totally ready and couldn't wait to use his new vehicle sheets we picked out together.  Here he is with one last picture next to his bed.  Two kids down and one to go in this crib.
 Here's a picture of his sheets.  Jett was excited to help daddy in this process and Tanner really wanted help too but we had to tell her that it was Jett's turn and that this is part of the process of getting the bed, you get to help daddy.  We had to go and get out her pictures of her bed and helping daddy so that she see that she did the same thing.
 Building the frame.  Look at those happy kids.
 Jett is turning out to be quite the little helper to Jay.  He loves to build, do yard work, etc.  He is actually pretty strong too.  He carried out these wooden side bars all by himself.
 The finished product.  He was so proud and Tanner and Jett quickly broke it in with a jumping contest just to make sure it was bouncy enough.  Springs definitely work!
We ended the night with a dress up party.  Jett made us laugh with his outfit of choice.  At least the "boy" still comes out among all of the girl dress up clothes we have.  Guess we need to visit the after Halloween sales to get the boy some dress ups!!  Who knew that even 28 days later Jett would amaze us again by deciding he was ready to stop wearing diapers and use the potty.  After one week Jett is fully potty trained all day and even at nap time.  He is no longer our baby boy but our big boy.  Guess it is time to give that name to another baby!!  Jett we love you and are so proud of you.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Our little Aurora and Bob the Builder.  We tried to put Jett in a dragon costume to chase sissy but he did not like having a hood over his head.  Thankfully we had friends who had all these outfits so it was a Free Halloween for us.  YEAH!

 I think she makes a beautiful princess.
 HE made a pretty good Bob.  Especially with the tape measure.

 They had a photo booth at our Halloween dinner.

 Tanner's Loot.
 Jett loved the idea of walking around and people handing him "nannie"  Anything chocolate was his favorite.  Just like his mommy:)
Yeah for remembering to take Family Photos.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our little soccer girl

 Practice time
 Coach Brian, Chloe and Jaron

 Brother wanted to give a hug.
 Getting their jerseys

 The number has been assigned.

 First tears of the season.

 Rivals still friends at heart.
 What Jett did during the game.